Meet Us



Whether traveling by dugout canoe up an isolated Amazonian tributary looking for acai and camu camu, or on the back of an elephant into the mountain groves of Thailand for mangosteen, or trekking into the foothills of Tibet for goji, or hiking through Polynesian valleys and coastlines for noni and coconut water, I have endured the elements on seemingly endless expeditions just to find the right fruit from the right spot to make our juices right for you!

I also developed the cold concentration technology known as “Cryoflux” where we literally freeze the water out of the fruit juice. This leaves a thick, rich, potent, biologically active and delicious juice. I go to all of this trouble because quality, taste and value are important and I want my juice to make a difference in your life and in the lives of all of our great customers. I guarantee the quality and taste of all of our juices and put my name on every bottle.