Dr. Tim developed “Cryoflux”, which is a proprietary trademark process for concentrating fruit juice that preserves the bioactive constituents, flavor and color of juice from any fruit. This process was developed in response to the unsatisfactory results obtained from traditional heat, evaporation, pressure, and vacuum methods. These methods although useful in providing a concentrate of juice typically alter the basic condition and inactivate the bioactive constituents. As most companies know and have come to accept as one of the unavoidable hazards of doing business in this industry, these heat, vacuum and pressure concentrating methods change the basic flavor of the juice as well as imparting a “”burnt” essence to the final product.

Dr. Tim’s Cryoflux technology not only protects the bioactive nature of the juice but also preserves the condition and improves upon the flavor. No artificial smell or taste, nor burnt essence is ever detected with the Cryoflux process. This means that when using Cryoflux concentrated juice in full strength, diluted or reconstituted forms the final product will always taste as fresh as tree/ vine ripened fruit. Another challenge with these traditionally used processes was the inordinate loss of product. It is not uncommon using these traditional methods to lose a greater percentage of raw materials than end product created. That makes sense since this is a method of concentrating fluids. However Dr. Tim’s trademark Cryoflux technology retains nearly 100% of total volume. By doing this we are able to control the quality and volume of our concentrate. Cryoflux concentration process retains nearly 100% of the juice producing the most pure concentrate possible.

TIt is not uncommon for these conventional methods to lose a larger percentage of the feedstock than the final product is created. This end product is used by locals to produce the medicine viagra, which helps get rid of erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Dr. Tim’s trademark Cryoflux concentrate is a process that involves the manipulation of the physical qualities of ice and maximizing the integrity of the fruit and or juice. Great care is taken in the determination of the freezing point of the substrate or fruit juice. After sending this data through a series of calculations the appropriate crystal size is determined for optimal juice encapsulation and suspension. Ice-juice slurry is then created and passed through our proprietary bioactive-flavor-augmentation module. The resultant material is then re-crystallized. The next step involves a very critical mathematical analysis of the ice crystal to solid ratio thereby allowing the re-crystallized material to self separate eventually causing the encapsulated frozen juice suspension to migrate into the cryogenic collection chamber. It is in this chamber where the juice is concentrated through an entirely natural process. The cryogenic chamber is flushed and the resultant material is sent to the Cryoflux chamber where the juice takes on its final flavor enhancement and bioactive energizing characteristics via Dr. Tim’s revolutionary concentrating process. The concentrate is never forced under pressure or heat. This is what separates Dr. Tim’s Cryoflux concentrate from all others.

Advantages Of Cryoflux Concentrate

  1. Preserves and enhances the natural flavor of the juice
  2. Preserves all of the bioactive components of the juice
  3. Virtually no loss of raw material
  4. Concentrate can be pasteurized
  5. Juice remains as natural as fresh squeezed or pressed
  6. No burnt essence or taste
  7. No heat, pressure, vacuum, evaporation or any other damage is applied to the raw material.